Codecraft is the powerful IDE for developing software natively on the Amiga. Codecraft makes it easy for you as a developer to write code, then build, execute and debug your resulting program. And everything is at your fingertips in one unified user interface.
  • Shows your project tree as a hierarchical list of source files
  • Provides easy modern text editing
  • Builds the project tree invoking your build system
  • Runs your resulting program
  • Does source level debugging with breakpoints and inspection of variables
The software is free. But it works as an extension to TextEdit so AmigaOS 3.2.2 or better is required.

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To debug your code you simply place breakpoints directly in the editor, and then build and run your program via menu or shortcut. Almost every compiler on the Amiga can produce executables that you can debug this way.

It has been tested with SAS/C and E but many many more languages produce the needed DEBUG LINE hunks as well.

When execution is halted at a breakpoint you can step into or over each line. This way you can follow along and see what your program does.

You can also inspect value of variables if the program has been compiled by SAS/C. We spent many months to reengineer the secrets of this 30 year old compiler.

It is our intention to add support for as many compilers and languages as we can, but it hinges on those compilers producing data we can decipher.


Latest Release (1.15)

Learn more about the releases (Release notes)

Minimum Requirements

Amiga (68000 or better), AmigaOS 3.2.2, 1MB free HD, and 1MB free FastRAM.

You will also need a build system (shellscript, makefile or similar) and a compiler. These things come with their own set of requirements.


As fast as possible, with as much RAM as possible

The program is open-source (GPL)   For enquiries and discord access:
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